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WAP statement on support during Covid-19 outbreak

Updated: Aug 5, 2020


Dear Portadown supporter. We are aware that this is a very unsettling time for a lot of people due to the outbreak of Covid-19. Firstly, we hope that you and your families are doing well during this time of social distancing and that you are able to maintain contact with your loved ones.  If anyone needs any support with groceries, collections or communication during this time, please do get in touch and we will do whatever we can to help you or have a look at the Portadown Community Care Package option. With things on hold for the time being, we are all missing the football each weekend and it is very obvious the important role that Portadown Football Club plays in our lives and within the local community. With this in mind we wanted to give you some opportunities to both maintain good communication with your football club and to support it financially. *Opportunity One: Become a member of WE ARE PORTS* Becoming a member of WAP is a great way to both connect with PFC and to support it financially. Some benefits are: 1. Having a WAP representative at PFC board meetings to provide two way communication between the members and board. 2. Receiving regular updates from the boardroom and around the club via email and/or WhatsApp. 3. Access to members only events. 4. Use of match day boardroom passes. 5. Discounts in the PFC club shop, Brew ’n’ Brunch Coffee Shop and the PFC End of Season Dinner. 6. Private members only online forum. 7. Being part of a supportive members community of over 100 Portadown supporters. Adult membership is a minimum contribution of £144 annually which the majority of members pay £12 per month via direct debit. There is a discount for two members of the same family (living in the same house) with an annual contribution of £120 each or a monthly direct debit of £10 each. WE ARE PORTS is fully democratic with members voting on where their money is spent around Portadown Football Club. Putting our regular amounts of money together has had a great impact at Portadown Football Club over the last three seasons, with over £33,000 being donated to the club. *Opportunity Two: Pay Your Admission Fee As A One Off Donation* As many supporters pay cash at the turnstiles on match day, we wanted to give you the opportunity to continue doing this while the matches are currently postponed.  A large percentage of regular income to our club comes through the turnstiles and clubrooms on a Saturday and this is obviously being missed at the current time. If you would like to contribute your admission cost or give a donation towards the ongoing running costs, this can be done through Paypal here or direct transfer into the WAP bank account here; Account Number 80170798 & Sort Code 40-37-41. Any money received in this way will be passed directly to Portadown Football Club as soon as possible. *Opportunity Three: Visit the online club shop* Visit the online club shop here to purchase sale items, shirts, mugs, prints and draw tickets. As we said at the beginning, we know that it is a difficult time for people, therefore if you have job uncertainty or are currently under financial pressure we understand that these opportunities may not be an option for you at this time.  However, please know that you are a valued member of our football community. For further information please email or visit Regards We Are Ports Committee.

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