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About We Are Ports

We Are Ports (WAP) was founded by a group of Portadown Football Club supporters in 2017, as a not-for-profit organisation. The group decided there was a need to form a democratic membership scheme, which was open to everyone, and each member had an equal vote on where their financial contributions were spent within Portadown Football Club.  In May 2022 We Are Ports became a registered charity.

Our Objectives

Over a number of years supporters felt there had been a disconnect between the club, the supporters and the local community.  In 2017 the founding members of WAP wanted to see the community feeling more connected by being brought into the inner workings of their club and having a greater say in its future direction on and off the pitch.


Have your voice heard...
If you want to join WAP or have any suggestions, we'd love to hear from you below:

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What Members Say


The best thing about WAP is feeling part of the club and getting feedback from the Board Rep.  Also the meetings with the manager gives you a great insight.


I believe that one of the best things about WAP is identifying and making improvements to the supporters experience at Shamrock Park.  


WAP is democratic and allows us to feel like we have made a difference. It's great to see how we have improved facilities for the players and

the supporters.